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Here's your chance to brag!  Tell us all about {{answer_28615218}}'s talents, music experience, etc.  We want to hear all about it!

I will follow the policy/procedure of Songbird Music Studio by giving the studio 24 hr notice of a cancellation.  I realize that means the lesson is forfeited and no make up lesson will be offered due to the policy.

I will pay for tuition monthly at the first lesson of each month.  If my tuition is late, I acknowledge that I will be required to pay a $15 late fee.  I am aware that not paying my tuition forfeits my spot in the studio.

If I bail on my teacher this year, I know that I will pay for the entire month of lessons that I am in regardless of when I quit.

I will reimburse my teacher for any purchases of books and materials she sees fit for me to use for my lessons.

How did you hear about Songbird? *

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